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A fine list of Shinee fic cliches …

1) Key is dancer or artist never a singer. 

2) Minho plays soccer.

3) Onew loves to study.

4) Minho is either best friends with Jonghyun, Key, or both. 

5) Taemin is cute. 

6) Jonghyun’s father is homophobic. 

7) Key’s father is homophobic, but his mother’s accepting.

8) Key has some sort of eating disorder, blind, deaf, phycological disorder, in a coma, or suicidal. 

9) Minho’s parents are strict people that never let him do anything or appreciate him, and only care about his older brother. Oh, and they’re also homophobic. 

10) At least one friendship has been since infancy. 

11) Jonghyun’s sister is an almighty advice giver, and is NOT homophobic. 

12) Taemin has long lucifer era hair. 

13) Everyone lives within running/walking distance within each other. 

14) Always about 3 homophobic bullies in school. 

15) They each lunch in the court yard of the school. 

16) Key & Jonghyun don’t wear the same sized pants (they never fit). 

17) Key likes to steal Jonghyun’s shirts. 

18) Jonghyun is cocky

19) Key is arrogant (in a good way) 

20) Jonghyun always has to “help” Key in whatever plot 

21) Taemin likes to watch Minho play soccer

22) Key/Jonghyun either has fantastic grades or failing grades

23) Taemin needs a tutor

24) Minho is verbally abused by his parents

25) Key is physically abused

26) Jonghyun is a horn dog and likes to do it in public places (mainly the library?) 

27) Jonghyun hates clubs, but Minho and Key love them 

28) If Jonghyun see’s Minho with Taemin then it’s suddenly okay for him to be with Key

29) Onew can’t ask a girl out

30) Onew doesn’t like anything but chicken 

I finally had to post this….

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